You’re fully vaccinated. Let the world know.

The CDC reports that 45% of the US population has been fully vaccinated. Does anyone know you’re one of them?

2ND VAX tags let your fellow travelers, hikers, coworkers and classmates know your vaccine is effective.

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The Only Certified COVID Proof-of-Vaccine Tag

Whether traveling the world, hiking your local wilderness, heading to class or riding the bus, 2ND VAX brings peace of mind.

With our tags, you can quickly show – and prove – that you’re fully vaccinated. Everything we sell traces back to your vaccination card, quickly proving you’re vaccinated without risking your privacy.

The 2ND VAX Assurance

No Personal Information

Your CDC vaccination card has too much personal information to be used in everyday situations to prove you’re vaccinated.

100% Certified

Our tags can prove you’re fully vaccinated without risking identity theft.

Every product we sell requires a certified copy of your vaccination card on file. We certify it, then nobody else needs to see it.

Verifiable Serial Numbers

Every tag has a unique serial number that can be verified at

Eligible Vaccines

Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca require two doses. J&J requires one.

All are considered fully effective two weeks after your final dose.

Prominent Date Display

The vaccination month and year are displayed clearly on every tag.

Designed for Durability

Every tag is made of thick stainless steel, able to handle what your life throws at it.

How This Works

  1. Order your 2ND VAX Tags

We carry square and rectangular metal tags, in silver and in black.

Every item ships with a stainless steel cable loop for your luggage, bags and purses, and a clip-on badge loop for everything else.

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  1. Send Us Proof

After we receive your order, we will send you a link to securely submit a photo of your COVID-19 Vaccination Card.

Once we’ve reviewed and confirmed your card, we will ship your order.

  1. Show the World

2ND VAX tags are designed to be displayed prominently.

Using the supplied cable, hook them onto your luggage, your backpack, or your purse. Or with the included badge loop, clip them onto your belt or shirt pocket.